This is post is in direct response to a comment mailed into the blog and the growing anger in the north county Dublin region at being treated as the rubbish dump for the greater Dublin region.

“Skerries Community Association will hold a Public Meeting on Monday 14th November at 7.30pm in the Rugby Club, on the current proposal by Fingal County Council to build a MONSTER Sewage Treatment plant, it will terminate the Regional Orbital Sewer and build a Marine Outfall for treated effluent in a North County Dublin location. Please see for more details

Skerries tourism, Skerries beaches, Skerries fisheries threatened by the outfall pipe into the sea near Skerries and Skerries air quality will also to be destroyed (Skerries is downwind of the proposed sites which lie south west of Skerries).
ACT NOW THIS WILL AFFECT YOU. Attend the meeting for further information.”