Empowering our community towards a sustainable and resilient future for Skerries.

Sustainable Skerries is a Transition Town initiative set up by local people to work towards a more sustainable and resilient community. We are working on a campaign to highlight the issues around Peak Oil and its consequences for Skerries. Sustainable Skerries is focusing on several areas, local energy conservation and renewable power generation. Food issues such as farmers markets, allotments, food security and food miles. Transportation issues effecting Skerries. Re-skilling our community. Our environment and how we use our public spaces. Plus any other issues which we in Skerries want to prioritise for our well being.

We are part of a worldwide movement of other small towns, villages and islands whose aim is to make their community more resilient, better able to withstand and prosper in a global economy which will be driven by a barrel of oil costing + $130, ( current price $100).

Current projects

Allotments – Sustainable Skerries is working with Fingal Co. Co. to set up allotments on the Golf Links Road two mins walk from Downside. This will give the people of Skerries the chance to grow their own food in a community of fellow gardeners. These allotments will be in various sizes, 10m x 10m and 5m x 10m. In both organic and non-organic growing. These allotments are at an advanced stage, and will be opening in March 2011. many people have their Plot numbers and are ready to start digging.

Community Harvest Group.(CHG) (Community Supported Agriculture) – This project is a partnership between local people in Skerries and a local grower. Members pay a weekly fee and in return receive a box of locally grown vegetables and eggs. Organic, local and tasty food. The CHG allows everyone the opportunity to have access to a resilient, local and healthy food supply. Great for those of us who do not have the time or maybe the energy to run their own allotment.

Skerries Water – this is the newest group of Sustainable Skerries. This group is dedicated to looking at how we can reduce our water usage and encouraging rainwater harvesting in the town. Our ultimate aim is to create a sustainable and resilient water supply for Skerries. Which will be capable of withstanding oil price and energy shocks. Did you know that every litre of water coming out of your tap in Skerries is pumped all the way from Leixlip in Co. Kildare. The energy cost for this is the biggest energy cost to Fingal Co Co.. And recent weather events have shown us to be very vulnerable to water supply interuption. We use over 3,500 tonnes of water in Skerries every day! and our local reservoir only holds less than two days supply.! If you are interested in helping this new group contact us at

Skerries Community College, Transition Year Project – Sustainable Skerries is working with the transition year students in Skerries CC. Increasing awareness of sustainability, environment and local economy. Sustainable Skerries are working with the TY students and their teachers developing projects which will make a tangible difference to the people of Skerries.

Developing Local Renewable Energy Sources– Encouraging development wind, anaerobic digestion, geo-thermal and solar energy projects.

Energy Smart Skerries – Facilitating local communities to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses through better insulation, more efficient lighting and other energy saving measures. This project is run in conjunction with Codema, (, Codema is the leading energy agency for Dublin. They act as energy adviser to the four Dublin local authorities including Fingal Co Co.


The Sustainable Skerries Steering Group consists of local people who have a special interest in advancing the principles of the Transition Town movement in Skerries.

From Left. Suzanne Jones,  Mary Marsden (Treasurer), Andrew Plant, Frank Mc Keown (Chairman), Rosaleen Mc Minamin, Bronagh Ní Dhúill (Secretary), Alex Foy, Marjorie Brooker (not in photo)

But we need your help. We are inviting local people to get involved, in whatever way they want, to allow the community to become stronger, more self-sufficient and resilient.

Interested in local allotments? Great. Passionate about sustainable transport? Brilliant. Into better home energy efficiency? Superb. Get involved in whatever way you can.

To get in touch, you can mail us at