Sustainable Skerries is launching the Community Harvest Group. This is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. It is a partnership between the people and the grower where we all work together to provide healthy, local food for our families and our community. This partnership allows us to share both the rewards and also the challenges that our independent farmers face every year. CSA’s are a relatively new concept in Ireland but they have been working wonderfully in USA, Canada and in Europe for many years.

By joining, we as members become a part of where our food comes from. Each member pays a set monthly fee and in return you receive a weekly box of locally grown, freshly picked organic vegetables. As a member you can also visit the farm on Member’s Day to walk the land, learn about the vegetables being grown or even  help with the harvest. A newsletter is sent out regularly keeping you involved in the daily happenings on the farm and recipes. By forming CSA’s we strenghten our community’s links to the land.

The CSA allows everyone the opportunity to have access to a resilient, local and healthy food supply.

Who benefits and how?

 The land:

  • Is preserved for farming
  • Preserved from harmful farming practices
  • Nurtured into fertile, bountiful soil
  • Soil is protected for future generations

 The farmer:

  • Is given an opportunity to make a viable income by growing food in a responsible and harmonious way, directly supported by the consumer, no middleman
  • Knows he is going to sell his produce at a fair price because he and the members agree the price upfront
  • Can have confidence that he will have a market for his crops as the members make a yearly commitment to him:  to pay an agreed fee monthly in advance through the growing season and collect their produce weekly at an agreed distribution point
  • Has the pleasure of knowing who his produce is going to and consequently feels more care, responsibility and reward in his work
  • Is relieved of marketing labour and can focus more on growing food

The members:

  • Receive local, fresh, seasonal vegetables delivered on the day of harvest
  • Pay close to supermarket prices for fresh, seasonal, mostly organic produce
  • Know where and how their food is grown, who grows it and have the opportunity to partake in the miracle of growing food
  • Are provided with a structure through which they can support a viable local agriculture and contribute to a local economy
  • Become more aware of their relation to the land, farm life and processes that make our lives possible

The Wider community:

  • Preserving good farming practice and local food
  • Community building of people who share concerns about our future
  • Local economy as money paid for the food stays in the local community

If you are interested in learning more or in becoming a member please contact us at:


Phone: 087 2266 922