Sustainable Skerries is working with CODEMA to set up an Energy Smart Community project right here in Skerries.

The Skerries Energy Smart Community project will use the buying power of the community, saving money by pooling groups of homes who want to improve their energy efficiency. The following is information from Codema on how a Energy Smart Community project runs.

“The Energy Smart Community is a not-for-profit scheme run by Codema.  It allows homeowners to join together with their local community to improve the energy-efficiency of their homes, while availing of energy-saving grants from the government.

It works on the simple principle that by bringing homeowners together as a cluster, they can save on their overall energy bills.  Each member who joins the cluster will increase the collective buying power of their community, while saving money and making their home warmer and more comfortable to live in.
The Energy Smart Community is completely independent of any supplier or contractor and it aims to get the best price possible for each community.  There are a range of energy-saving features available, depending on the budget and energy requirements of each home. 

The Energy Smart Community helps homeowners and communities to benefit from two government energy improving grants; the Home Energy Saving scheme provides grants to homeowners interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home; the Greener Homes Scheme provides grant aid for homeowners in need of a renewable heating or energy system for their home.

The average Irish household spends nearly €1,800 every year on energy.  By joining an Energy Smart Community, homeowners have the potential to significantly reduce this bill.  The Energy Smart Community lets you harness the power of many; the more people who join your community, the more you save.”

We will launch the project in September this year 2010. In the mean time we will be compiling a list of interested households and getting more info out to the community of Skerries.

If you are interested in joining the Skerries Energy Smart Community project, please email us at

Please check back for updates. Watch out for publicity as we launch the project.